Wo auf der Welt wird deutsch gesprochen? Where in the world is German spoken?

Fantastische Fakten findest du auf:


There are an estimated 120 million German speakers in the world today, of which at least 90 million are native speakers

German is the official language of:
The German-speaking part of Switzerland
Italy, South Tyrol
The European Union

German is also spoken in many countries around the world including:

Czech Republic
France (in the region of Alsace and Lorraine in the Moselle)
South Africa
United Kingdom

It is also the Command language of the Swiss Guard in the Vatican City

In the USA over 50 million Americans claim German ancestry, which makes them the largest single ethnic group in the country, 1.38 million people speak German in the United States. It is the second language in the Dakotas.

Did you know that…

…German is the most widely-spoken native language in Europe?

…there are many attractive exchange programs between Germany and Ireland?

…university education is free of charge in many parts of Germany?

…with German, there are plenty of job opportunities in international companies in Ireland and Germany?

…you can fly to Germany, Austria or Switzerland from Ireland within two and a half hours?

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Lied: Bruder Jacob (Brother John / Frere Jaques) – back to school & a song to help you get up in the mornings ;o)

I hope you all had a great summer holiday. Apologies on my part for posting so little and relaxing for so long – faule Frau Clarke!

A nice and easy song to learn in German (and so many other languages) is “Bruder Jakob” or “Brother John” in English.

Viel Spass beim Mitsingen!

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We are family – eine Familie!

Did you know that German and English are similar? Many words in German sound and/or look the same as equivalent English words, because the two languages are actually related. There are already lot’s of words you know! Have a look at the following examples:
Haus = house, Garten = garden, Hotel = hotel, Restaurant = restaurant, Finger = finger, Hand = hand, Buch = book, Name = name, Adresse = address, Telefon = telephone, Mama = mammy, Mutter = mother, Vater = father, beginnen = to begin, schwimmen = to swim, singen = to sing, kommen = to come, blau = blue, alt = old, jung = young, aktiv = active, kalt = cold, windig = windy, und so weiter (= etc) …

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Why learning German?

Did you know that …

German is the widest spoken language in Europe!

More people speak German as their native language than any other language in Europe. It’s no wonder, since Germany’s 83 million inhabitants make it the most populous European nation. But not only the residents of Germany speak German. It is also an official language of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. And it is the native language of a significant portion of the population in northern Italy, eastern Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, eastern France, parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Romania, as well as in other parts of Europe.

While learning German can connect you to 120 million native speakers around the globe, remember that many people also learn German as a second language. It is the 3rd most popular foreign language taught worldwide and the second most popular in Europe and Japan, after English.

One in the books in the world is published in German!

German is not only a language of the past. As prolific researchers and scholars, German speakers produce nearly 80,000 new book titles each year. The only language markets that produce more books annually are the Chinese and English publishing industries. In number of books published, Munich is second in the world only to New York. Since only a small percentage of German books are translated into other languages (for instance, approximately 10% into Korean and Chinese, just over 5% into English), only a knowledge of German will give you access to a vast majority of these titles.

German is not as hard as you think! 

Do you understand the following sentence?

Meine Mutter hat braune Haare. Sie ist intelligent und musikalisch. Sie spielt Gitarre. Sie ist Professorin an der Universität.

Well done! You already understand some German!

If you already know English, then you already have an advantage when it comes to learning German. Because modern German and modern English both evolved from the common ancestor language Germanic, the two languages share many similarities in both vocabulary and grammar. In addition, German is spelled phonetically. Once you learn the system of sounds, it is easy to predict how the spoken word is written and how the written word is pronounced.

German is taught in around 500 secondary schools across Ireland!

Starting to learn German in primary school will benefit you a lot when entering secondary school. Not only will you continue with Irish, you will be able to learn German as well!

German is required or recommended in order to attend university in Ireland!

Most colleges in Ireland require a modern language (apart from English and Irish) in order to attend.

Learning languages is fun … check out the following video on YouTube !

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Bunt bunt bunt sind alle meine Farben

Language learning through songs.

This song is always a favourite with primary school pupils learning German:

1. Grün, grün, grün sind alle meine Kleider. Grün, grün, grün ist alles was ich habe.

Darum liebe ich alles was so grün ist, weil mein Schatz ein Jäger, Jäger ist. (x2)

2. Blau, blau, blau sind alle meine Kleider. Blau, blau, blau ist alles was ich habe.

Darum liebe ich alles was so blau ist, weil mein Schatz ein Seemann, Seemann ist. (x2)

3. Schwarz, schwarz, schwarz sind alle meine Kleider. Schwarz, schwarz, schwarz ist alles was ich habe.

Darum liebe ich alles was so schwarz ist, weil mein Schatz ein Schornsteinfeger ist. (x2)

4. Weiß, weiß, weiß sind alle meine Kleider. Weiß, weiß, weiß ist alles was ich habe.

Darum liebe ich alles was so weiß ist, weil mein Schatz ein Bäcker, Bäcker ist. (x2)

Bunt, bunt, bunt sind alle meine Farben. Bunt, bunt, bunt ist alles was ich habe.

Darum liebe ich alles was so bunt ist, weil mein Schatz ein Maler, Maler ist! (x2)

i colori

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